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Regulating fluid over the warmer months

In the heart of Australia’s summertime, we wholly enjoy the warmer temperatures, but it can be challenging to stay cool and hydrated – which are important in order to keep ourselves comfortable and productive!

It is always exciting to make plans to enjoy the summer sun, but we need to be mindful of what extreme environmental temperatures can do to our body’s core temperature, and how this can affect the body’s ability for thermoregulation.

Thermoregulation is an internal process that allows your body to maintain its core temperature for optimum physical and mental performance, and it will react accordingly to internal and external changes in temperature. The average body temperature for a person is 37ºC, although this may vary from person to person, and some medical conditions (such a hyperthyroidism) can make it difficult for the body to thermoregulate effectively.

When the body overheats on hot days, excessive sweating can occur and this may lead to loss of essential electrolytes and dehydration. When this happens, we need to reduce our body heat either internally (internal cooling) or externally (external cooling), and there are a few different ways in which we do this.

Some examples of external cooling include:

  • Swimming,
  • Taking a cool shower,
  • Staying in an air-conditioned room,
  • Wearing light breathable clothes,
  • Reducing movement and activity.

Examples of internal cooling include:

  • Drinking cold beverages,
  • Eating cold or frozen foods,
  • Taking heat-regulating supplements.

No. 1 Summer

No. 1 Summer is a herbal tea blend specially formulated to help bring balance to your mind and body, including regulation of body heat and fluid levels. Ingredients used to create this tea blend are selected by qualified Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners for healing. The benefits of No. 1 Summer herbal tea blend are perfect for the summer season!