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How to boost your energy levels with TCM practitioner formulated herbal teas

Are you experiencing fatigue? Or maybe just feeling stressed or down lately?

In truth, a lot of people are experiencing the same as you are. They are also tormented by fatigue, depression, as well as high stress levels. This makes it difficult to accomplish any tasks given – even the simplest ones.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, fatigue is related to losing balance in the body.

Understanding the body’s energy system: Western vs Eastern

Western and Eastern medicine have different views of the body. Western medicine views the body as made up of cells that has specific functions – when cells are disrupted, problems such as diseases occur in the body.

In Traditional Eastern Medicine, the body is viewed as composed of energy called Qi (pronounced chee), an essential life force that flows through nature. It is believed that this energy then gives life and direction to all matter. A balanced Qi energises, strengthens, and heals the body. It has two known forces: Yin and Yang.

What are Yin and Yang?

Yin and Yang: the two opposing forces of energy that, together, composes Qi.

Yin is said to be associated with slow and cold energy. Some activities related to yin are quiet activities such as meditating, resting, or deep breathing.

Yang energy is said to be fast and hot. This energy comes from challenging your body physically and mentally. Activities related to yang are exercising, strong mental focus, and other activities that can cause stress to both the mind and body.

Fortunately, Chinese herbs are a great way to bring back lost “Qi” – or energy – and at the same time lift your mood. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), different herbs are used to combat and heal various ailments of the body, but TCM is mainly all about restoring balance physically and mentally. Whether in traditional or conventional medicine, bringing back balance to life is always a given advice.

If you are quite often experiencing fatigue and mood problems, for no known medical reason, you may want to try some TCM formulated herbal teas to address the root cause of your condition and restore your Qi.

No. 1 Summer

No. 1 Summer is a specially formulated herbal tea blended by a TCM practitioner that helps cool you down, regulate fluid levels, and uplift the heart. As we are now in the summer season, keeping our body cool and hydrated is a must.

Summer is connected to the fire element, and fire elements are governed by the heart and small intestine. A large amount of energy exudes from the body during the summer season because it is the time when we connect with family and friends to do lots of outdoor activities together.

To bring back lost energy, keep your body cool during outdoor activities, regulate your body fluids and uplift your mood, we recommend you try No. 1 Summer.

Main ingredients are Mint (bo he), hibiscus flower (mei gui qie), schisandra (wu wei zi), elderflower.

To brew, just add one heaped teaspoon of No. 1 Summer, and 200ml boiling (100°C) water per cup to a teapot or strainer. Infuse for 3 – 5 minutes, strain, and enjoy warm or iced with fresh herbs and seasonal fruits.