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About our founders

Jess and Bonnie are registered Chinese Medical Practitioners and Acupuncturists based in the beautiful seaside town of Currumbin, Australia. With over 15 years combined experience supporting optimal health outcomes, developing the Attuned Herbals range was a logical next step to help a wider range of people.

Jess has worked as a holistic health and wellbeing practitioner all over the world since 2011. Jess has a special interest in supporting women’s health and fertility. Jess holds a Bachelor’s degree in Health Science, specialising in Acupuncture and is currently completing her Masters in Reproductive Medicine and Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Bonnie has seen first-hand the power of attuned living and places a great personal emphasis on moving and eating in line with the principles of the Chinese five seasons. Bonnie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Health Science, specialising in Chinese Medicine.

Jess and Bonnie are committed to supporting health and wellbeing through empowerment, knowledge and designing balanced herbal blends to be used throughout the year.